By admin on September 01, 2010

Does anyone have any information on Dr. Walter Fox and his partner Dr. Adler who practiced in Beverly Hills in the early 1980’s?

We recently received this email from a donor:

“Years ago I contacted them, trying to get information.  But they told me nothing.  I didn’t know to ask for a donor number.  When I was a donor, it was Drs. Fox and Adler, but apparently they went their separate ways at some point. At least 10 or more years ago, long before I heard of DSR I actually spoke with someone from their office.  He seemed to remember me, but refused to give any information.

I have three children through my marriage, and I often think about the others I never knew.  Your site seems to be the only way to try to reach each other.  Thank you for caring enough to do all this.”