Our Members

Donor Sibling Registry membership has been growing steadily since our humble beginnings as a Yahoo Group back in September of 2000.

DSR Growth

The DSR is growing! 

As of July 2, 2024, the DSR has 5,333 total donors registered. 1,795 sperm donors and 3,541 egg donors. The larger number of registered egg donors is because facilities such as San Diego Fertility Center, Vios, Kindbody, Idaho Reproductive, Illinois Fertility Centers, and Oregon Reproductive Medicine are regularly writing the DSR into their parent/donor agreements so that connecting can happen right from pregnancy/birth. Imagine if just one sperm bank acknowledged the importance of these early connections and offered this as an option. 



DSR Stats

Check out these fun statistics about DSR families, matches, and our website. (Note: All numbers are approximate, as not everyone enters all information.)

What is the average wait time from adding a posting to matching (with half-siblings and/or donors) on the DSR?

The average wait is 189 days. Minimum wait is 0 days; maximum is 5008 days.

71.2% of DSR posts yield matches.

80.1% of DSR users who have matched did so instantly. The more users we have, the shorter the average wait time becomes!

What is the average age of all offspring currently listed in posts?

19 years old.

What is the average age of offspring when they are first posted?

10.6 years old.

What are the percentages for the number of children posted per family?

75% have one child posted, 21% have two children posted, 3.5% have three children posted, 0.5% have four children posted, and around 0.1% have more than four children posted.

Which proportions of DSR posts are for sperm, egg, and embryo donations?

84% of DSR posts are families that used sperm donation, 14.5% of families used egg donation, and 1.5% of families used embryo donation.

How much traffic does the DSR receive?

The DSR website averages more than 15,000 unique visitors and 1.7 million hits per month.

What is the typical age of donor offspring who post on the DSR?

As of April 2019:
10 and under: 4,244
11-19: 6,944
20-29: 3,797
30-39: 1,096
40-49: 350
50-59: 103
60-69: 61
70-79: 9
NOTE: These numbers include 16,611 DSR members but do not include the thousands of DSR members who have not posted or who do not include ages in their postings.

Background on Members

The following infographic provides some demographics on DSR parents and donors.