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Finding FamilyAfter you add a posting to the DSR, you will then get automatic DSR emails when you have a match, when a DSR member has sent you a message, and when anyone who has used your donor adds information to the medical page that is specifically for your donor. Just because you don't see someone already listed with your donor number, doesn't mean you don't have a match. Many people are out there waiting to post until they see another posting for their donor- so be the first!  

Make sure to always have an up-to-date email address listed on the DSR.

And please, never sign up with a second username- either the site can send you your password, or just email Wendy to re-set it!


Finding Our Families: A First-Of-Its-Kind Book For Donor Conceived People and Their Families

Order here!   In 2014 the book was featured on The Katie Couric Show, and The Family Equality Council's Book Nook page  with a subsequent webinar following: watch the webinar on youtube.

2013: An MTV six part series documenting the journey of Breeanna, a 17-year-old only child, connecting with many of the 15 half-siblings she met on the Donor Sibling Registry. Watch the DSR's Ryan Kramer walk Bree and half-brother Jesse through the steps to possibly locate their biological father. http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/982658/skype-interview.jhtml#id=1718183  Order on Amazon.

2011 Emmy nominated Documentary "Sperm Donor":  http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh0XTWQnc2EkQI49zg:

Wendy's Huffington post blog

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Educating, Connecting and Supporting Donor Families

The Donor Sibling Registry (DSR) was created in September 2000, by Wendy Kramer and her son, Ryan. Certain that other donor offspring would have the same curiosity as Ryan about his genetic origins - yet also knowing that no public outlet existed for mutual consent contact between people born from anonymous sperm donation, this site was started as the logical next step to making those connections.

In addition to the registered members, several thousand people check the site regularly. The DSR averages more than 12,000 unique visitors to the site each month and is a worldwide organization, matching people in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, S. Africa, S. Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, The Netherlands, Turkey, USA and the UK.

DSR Brochure in German

DSR Brochure En Espanol

DSR Brochure in French

Hebrew page for our Israeli Friends

The focus of the DSR is to assist individuals conceived as a result of sperm, egg or embryo donation, who are seeking to make mutually desired contact with others with whom they share genetic ties. This may include:

  • Their own or their child's half-siblings
  • Their own or their child's sperm or egg donor
  • Their own genetic offspring

The DSR fully supports openness, honesty and the acknowledgement of these family connections. We realize, however, that many people wish to maintain their privacy, while initially reaching out. We work very hard to make sure that this privacy is maintained. No personal information can be seen by any other member. You only share your contact information when/if you feel ready to do so.  

When you match with your donor, make sure to ask a few pieces of information from the donor profile that have not been posted, and that only he would know. 

As you browse though the postings, please note that:

Successful Sibling to Sibling Matches: These are color-coded in pale yellow.

Successful Donor to Offspring Matches: These are color-coded in gold. 

Please feel free to first browse the site and its postings before becoming a member. You can then sign up and add your posting. If you don't see any matches listed, remember: you can't be found unless you post yourself, and there are many people who are interested but not yet posted - who may be your match!  Still on the fence about adding your posting to the DSR? Read through some of our Success Stories!

Egg, sperm, or embryo donors who are willing to have contact with the children born as a result of their donations are VERY WELCOME! Even if you do not know your donor number, it is still possible to search and be found. 

No matter what type of contract you signed with your sperm bank or egg clinic/agency- you always have the right to make yourself available for mutual consent contact on the DSR!

The yearly membership fee to add a posting and/or to contact others is $75. Permanent membership is $175. If you are interested in mailing a check for permanent membership, you can mail the DSR $175 to: PO Box 1571, Nederland, CO 80466, noting yoour DSR username on the check.

The DSR is not funded by any outside organization and is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. FEIN 11-3703271