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Educating, Connecting & Supporting Donor Families

The DSR has helped to connect more than


half-siblings (and/or donors) with each other.

So far, the Donor Sibling Registry has

54,825* members

including donors, parents and donor conceived people.

*These numbers are updated nightly

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How to Use the Donor Sibling Registry

To Find Family: After you add a posting to the DSR, you will then get automatic DSR emails when you have a match, when a DSR member has sent you a message, and when anyone who has used your donor adds information to the medical page that is specifically for your donor. Just because you don't see someone already listed with your donor number, doesn't mean you don't have a match. Many people are out there waiting to post until they see another posting for their donor - so be the first!

Make sure to always have an up-to-date email address listed on the DSR.

And please, never sign up with a second username- either the site can send you your password, or just email Wendy to re-set it!

Where We Are: DSR Members Around the World

Map of DSR members

My brother Jason and I have the same donor and were born 8 months apart. He found my DSR profile on New Year's Day of 2014, and we met each other in person shortly after. We felt an instant connection, and feel so lucky to have found each other. This picture is from my wedding in 2015. You can see how close we've become! All thanks to you and the DSR.

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