Donating Sperm, Spam, Sparm, Sprem, and Spram

By admin on November 14, 2021
The Donor Sibling Registry has thousands of registered sperm donors in dozens of countries around the world. Quite often though, we're contacted by misdirected Indian men looking to sell their "spam" or other creative vocabulary variations.

For example:

Hi this is satiah i would like to donate my spram for money coz i reaally need money can u pls contact me as soon as posible for donating the sparm?

I don't know where he can donate his spram, but here's a place that might be looking for sparm:

A few more from some very willing young (and not so young) men:

I'd like to donate sprem...

I'm 24 Year old, and handsome boy. I wish to all family happy. I would like to say just one thing that I love to be a sperm doner.

I want donate spam but don't know how i donate. I am very sex full time mony Income.

Hi I'm a student my age 23 year. I'm selling my spam.

I wish to donate sperms to help people with no kids and to create a gene pool of good singers and neuroscientists.

i want to donate sperm. As many family will smile due to me so i want to make this .

I want donet to sperm.

I want donate spam but don't know how i donate.

I'd like to donate sprem.

Call me about the selling of the testicles.

I have three children very healthy.  My wife is menopos so I does masñbeth a lot.  So I was wondering  if I can make use of my sperms by looking up on the Internet to find a sperms bank.  I dicided to look and I found . I am 5feet 7 ins 56 year and I am very high nature.

And from a confused mom:

My husband had a low supermarket count and couldn't have children. We chose to go to a supermarket bank.