By admin on August 29, 2007

DSR discussion boards:

The original Donor Sibling Registry (before we built the website, in 2003)- this is the board started in
September of 2000:

This second board was started in 2003 to help with the discussions
that did not pertain directly to searching and finding, but more
peripheral DI discussions:

By admin on August 29, 2007

Hi All,

I frequently receive messages from DSR members who are contacted by “matches” who are not actually posted on the DSR. They are oftentimes confused, as to why they don’t actually see their “match” listed on the DSR. Please…if you are going to contact a match on the DSR, please also post.

We are going to implement a new “medical” icon for each donor number listed on the DSR within the next few months. This “medical” button will allow only those who have posted for any given donor to add, update, edit and view any medical, genetic and/or donor profile
information on their donor.

Again, this will only be accessible to those actually posted for that donor. I believe this will be very helpful to the families that have used a certain donor, so that they can all be kept up to date with any new donor information- either via updated donor profiles, from the donor himself, through DNA testing and offspring medical updates.


By admin on August 14, 2007

Site Upgrades that would affect Users:

1. Tally of total amount of people on the site- registrant PLUS number

of kids listed on posting.

2. Create and implement a ‘Medical Update’ Key, for each donor number.

A little icon next to the donor number where families could post, view

and update medical, genetic and updated donor profile information-

only viewable and editable by people posted to that particular donor.

3. Easier donor searching- by characteristics, partial donor numbers.

4. The ability to search for and through matches. What types of

matches and between who? i.e how many matches in each state? How many

matches between ‘only’ children? How many matches in Denmark?

5. Easier access to editing posts. All editing tabs should be

together. Should be an ‘Edit’ tab that’s visible.

6. Sperm bank rating system. Need to brainstorm on how to integrate

this into current system. Each bank rated with an icon on their

current page? New page on the DSR with all sperm banks ranked? Users

should be able to add notes to each sperm bank.

7. Average matches per donor?

8. People should be able to see the internal messages they have sent

to other members.

9. For unknown donor numbers: should have multiple choice fields (eye,

hair, college, city, etc) and search capabilities.

10. Pictures uploadable and viewable by matches only. (A maybe)

I am hoping that we can accomplish these items this Fall.