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Donor ID: FE86
  • White.
  • Height: 5' 10".
  • Blood type O+
  • Weight: 175.
  • Light brown Straight hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Bachelors.
  • Nursing.
  • Christian.
  • Quantum physics, writing, psychology, philosophy, coin collection.
  • This is the description of the sperm donor of our embryo, I understand that his wife used his sperm and an anonymous egg donor. By 3/2009 they had 6 m old twins who were blond haired blue eyed. The sperm donor was adopted and wanted to be found. His favorite movie is the Passion of Christ. I really hope we are found! I want my daughter to know her biological heritage. Our Egg donor was 19 yo in 2008 she is 5'8" white, Blood type A- with hazel eyes and medium frame. She was working on a biology and Spanish degrees. Medium complexion. Allergic to cats, Juniper and Olive trees, only child, has asthma, German and Irish. Loves sports and wanted to be a PT, animal lover. At the time of our embryo adoption 8/2012 there were several more embryos to be adopted
  • Female born Apr 12 2013
  • Read message posted 02/25/16
  • Updated on 02/25/16
  • parent
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