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2019: NW Cryobank, Manhattan Cryobank, and California Cryobank are all partners. Manhattan Cryobank is now "NW Cryobank". 2019:

Donor ID & Info Offspring / Contact Info
Donor ID: 9255
  • Female born Sep 11 2016
  • Read message posted 11/03/19
  • Updated on 11/02/19
  • parent
  • Started donating Mar 1 2016.
  • Caucasian.
  • Height: 6'1".
  • Blood type O+
  • Weight: 178 lbs.
  • Blonde Straight hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • Undergraduate Degree.
  • Christian.
  • THIS is from manhattancryobank number 9255 but i find him also at cryobank californya number 13964. Donor 9255 is well-read, intelligent, and curious about the world around him. He enjoys learning about and having healthy debates on topics ranging from the state of the universe to governance to international relations. He has many natural talents, including language, with fluency in Russian, Ukrainian, and English, and a good grasp on Italian. He has an intriguing dry sense of humor and a very clear sense of who he is. He considers himself to be both a pragmatist and an idealist he takes the world for what it is, but he wants to change it for the better. At the core of all of his beliefs and actions is an extremely kind heart. He works as a CMA certified nursing assistant, and he truly enjoys providing his patients with both physical and emotional support. He did a great deal of research on donating sperm, and he decided to become a donor because its a great way to help others. Physically, he has a cute boyish face, shaggy hair, and a slim figure that he keeps in shape with weight lifting and cycling.
  • Male born Jan 3 2017
  • Read message posted 01/31/18
  • Updated on 01/30/18
  • parent
There are a total of 2 offspring, 2 sibling matches, and 0 donor to offspring matches for this donor.