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Cryos International

Sperm Bank

PLEASE CHECK/ POST UNDER SCANDINAVIAN CRYOBANK LIST TOO! Started in Denmark in 1987. Major Danish sperm bank. People who buy from both the Denmark bank and US bank could get a number or an alias. Cryos has started to recently begin assigning just numbers to US based donors again - these donors have absolutely no information provided about them beyond the very basics. People who order from Cryos Denmark can get extended profiles, alias names, numbers, etc. now for some donors. The US bank is no longer in New York, it is in Orlando, Florida. When the bank moved it shipped all remaining vials of US donors to the Denmark bank. People who are looking to buy those vials from the US can no longer do so as the bank does not ship to the US. People who want full genetic siblings should know to look for their US donor at the Denmark location. May 2021: Cryos now sells sperm in Gainesville, FL. Cryos ships sperm to over 100 countries.

Donor ID & Info Offspring / Contact Info
Donor ID: 5524
  • Blonde hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Child born Aug 2009
  • Read message posted 07/21/11
  • Updated on 07/23/11
  • parent
  • Height: 6-0 ft.
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 163 Ibs.
  • Blonde hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Bachelor (Economics).
  • Female born 2008
  • Read message posted 08/09/09
  • Updated on 08/08/09
  • parent
There are a total of 2 offspring, 2 sibling matches, and 0 donor to offspring matches for this donor.

Cryos NY (Scandinavian Cryobank)

Sperm Bank

PLEASE POST UNDER CRYOS INT'L SPERM BANK LIST TOO! U.S. branch in New York but all sperm comes from Danish Donors and is shipped from Denmark. Changed name to Cryos International in 2007 to match parent company, Cryos International that is located in Denmark. After the ban started in May 2005, European sperm was no longer shipped to the U.S. The ban for sperm from U.S. to Europe started in April 2007. The U.S. branch started using American donors sometime in 2007, when they ran out of imported donors. See also the Denmark Cryos list. Some donors have alias names and some have donor numbers, so check the Files section of the Yahoo group for Cryos In list of donors, If possible, please post both the donor name and the donor number. People outside the U.S. who order from Cryos Denmark do not get extended profiles or the alias name, they get a donor number.

Donor ID & Info Offspring / Contact Info
Donor ID: 5524
  • Child
  • Read message posted 05/04/12
  • Updated on 05/04/12
  • parent
There are a total of 1 offspring, 0 sibling matches, and 0 donor to offspring matches for this donor.