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Dr. Barwin, Norman


Dr. Barwin has been found to be the father of sperm donor children created at this office, and he has been involved in other sperm "mix-ups": 4/18: "I am part of a class action lawsuit against Dr. Norman Barwin, a Canadian fertility doctor accused of inseminating over 50 women (and likely many more, it is early days) with the wrong sperm, including his own. You can read more about the class action here: Using the DSR, my husband and I were able to locate where our children came from (Repromed donor 3168) and subsequently discovered that Repromed shipped out over 1,000 vials of this donor's sperm and he has at least 36 children that we know of. We have connected with some of them, and with the donor himself. The donor is wonderful but he is very upset as Repromed did not inform him that his sperm was used in this fashion (even though they knew) and he didn't know the number of children even though he asked repeatedly. He said he consented to a maximum of 10 children. Repromed told us this week they will not assist the lawyers in finding the donors of these "accidental sperm donor babies." So we, the parents, are wondering if the DSR would consider publicizing our plight and putting up a link on the website and an email address that Barwin patients can use to connect with other parents in this situation. We have set up an email address: anyone who writes to this will connect to the Barwin victims (Broadview Clinic was the name of Barwin's practice)."

Donor ID & Info Offspring / Contact Info
Donor ID: 449
  • Born 1965.
  • Caucasian.
  • Height: 6' 0".
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 185.
  • Light brown Wavy hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • College student, at the time.
  • Protestant.
  • Lacrosse, Football, Music.
  • I am a Child
  • Read message posted 03/11/22
  • Updated on 03/11/22
  • donor_offspring
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