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NOTE: Information shown below has been voluntarily submitted by individuals interested in establishing mutually desired contact between half-siblings and/or donors (genetic relatives).

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California Cryobank (CCB)

Sperm Bank

The parent company is now Generate Life Sciences. Also Nordic Cryobank (European Sperm Bank) in Denmark: donor numbers in the 7000s and 7100s. CCB was established in 1977, Nordic Cryobank/European Sperm Bank was established in 2004. Those people using the Nordic donors mentioned above, please also post under Nordic Cryobank/European Sperm Bank, and also post the alias donor name if known. 2020: Generate Life Sciences/CCB now also operates the NW Cryobank and Manhattan Cryobank.

Donor ID & Info Offspring / Contact Info
Donor ID: 2005
  • Height: 6'5".
  • Blood type O-
  • Weight: 270.
  • Brown Curly hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • College.
  • Sociology Major.
  • Football player.
  • Loves cartoons
  • Male born Oct 1997
  • Read message posted 04/11/06
  • Updated on 09/02/08
  • parent
  • Polish, Russian, French.
  • Height: 6'5".
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 245.
  • Blonde Wavy hair.
  • Green eyes.
  • Medium complexion.
  • Sociology.
  • Fathered another child/children in the Detroit Metro area. Specimen was left over after successful insemination of another woman. Donor number could be different. It is the number on the vial the sperm was in. Mott Center used East and West Coast banks.
  • Male born Nov 1992
  • Read message posted 08/20/03
  • Updated on 08/27/11
  • parent
There are a total of 2 offspring, 2 sibling matches, and 0 donor to offspring matches for this donor.