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Man Not Included / MNI Group


Offered home insemination. Changed name to 'the Fertility Group' or something similar. The man behind it was jailed.

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Donor ID: D3442?
  • White.
  • (MNI) was an internet home insemination company, but may have traded as a legitimate sperm bank to gain donors. It used mainly fresh sperm donors, but was said to have taken on some frozen ones too. I received what I think was fresh sperm on 30 Nov, 1 & 2 Dec 2005. The company did not always act legitimately & I can't be 100% sure it was fresh sperm. However we are extremely grateful to our donor. We hope if anyone recognises the dates or is unsure if this could be them, please contact me. No names or anything sought, just for both donor/offspring to know each other is OK. The data that follows regarding the donor may not be correct, as the company is said to have used donors other than those selected by recipients, without telling recipients. The data I was given by (MNI) : Height: 6.5ft. Weight: 190lb. Blood type A+. Blue eyes. A 2-1, 4 year Honours Degree in Marine Biology. Teacher. No Religion (Atheist). Interests: Loves to dabble with computers & socialise. Loves cinema, theatre & especially the great outdoors. Does some volunteer youth work in local neighbourhood. Hair- Dark. Family History- Irish, Russian, English, Polish. Mother from Scotland, Dad from Manchester. If had to describe self in one word- PLAYFUL. Mischievous sense of fun & love people who haven't lost that childlike sense of wonder of the world. Artistic Abilities- Screen play on the go & has written a few short stories. Has had a number of essays published.
  • Female born Aug 22 2006
  • Posted 02/03/12
  • Updated on 05/07/12
  • parent
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