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Donor ID: unknown
  • Born Aug 5 1977.
  • Started donating Jun 1 2006.
  • Stopped donating Aug 10 2006.
  • Mainly Scotch and Irish.
  • Height: 5'6".
  • Blood type B+
  • Weight: aprox 125-130 lbs.
  • Light brown Wavy hair.
  • Green eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • Bachelor of Music 2002 in Chicago.
  • Classical/operatic singer (soprano).
  • Agnostic.
  • Music (in all its glorious forms); math; science (physics, evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology); philosophy; literature; physical fitness; nutrition and health; tremendous passion for my son.
  • It was Dr. Andrea Vidali at American Fertility Services PC who performed my egg retrieval, so I would assume he was also the doctor responsible for the IVF of my egg with the recipient family. I do not currently have my donor # and no remaining paperwork from the process, but I will update with that information if I can get it released from the clinic. If you are recipient parents or a child conceived via egg donation and my details fit in any way with the donor you are seeking, please, please, please contact me and we can together take further measures to find out if we are related!
    Egg Donor
  • Child
  • Read message posted 03/24/13
  • Updated on 04/06/13
  • egg_donor Has Donor Survey
Donor ID: AED313
  • Born Mar 1 1991.
  • Started donating 2016.
  • Stopped donating 2021.
  • Height: 5'9".
  • Blood type B+
  • Weight: 135.
  • Red Wavy hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • Catholic.
    Egg Donor
  • Male born Jun 2 2015
  • Female born Aug 7 2019
  • Posted 10/07/21
  • Updated on 10/07/21
  • egg_donor
Donor ID: D437
  • Born 1983.
  • Started donating Jan 13 2007.
  • Stopped donating Jan 27 2007.
  • 3/4 German 1/4 Russian .
  • Height: 5' 7".
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 122.
  • Blonde Straight hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Medium complexion.
  • Bachelor of Applied Human Sciences Apparel and Merchandising.
  • Administrative Asst/Assist Portfolio Management.
  • Christian.
  • Spending time with family, seeing Broadway plays, exploring new places, working out.
  • Female born Oct 2007
  • Posted 10/06/15
  • Updated on 10/06/15
  • parent
Donor ID: D512
  • Started donating 2008.
  • Stopped donating 2008.
  • Russian/Astro-Hungarian/Ukranian/Jewish.
  • Height: 5'5".
  • Blood type AB+
  • Weight: 125.
  • Light brown Wavy hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • 2 yrs Finance/Marketing, minor Russian.
  • Sales assistant with million dollar seller in Couture.
  • Jewish.
  • Read, cook, travel, movies, an actress, loves to read and write poetry, enjoys cooking and the movies.
  • Speaks Russian and English, also has degree in Visual Basic/Oracle (computer IT programming). describes herself as "gregarious, optimistic, energetic, happy and honest" and said "I come from a happy home. My parents are brilliant people. They're loving and they're humble. And they are still my heroes. I'm a very lucky woman!" [And we are very lucky recipients! We are the parents of a child born from the above-described donor and would love to connect - anonymously or otherwise. We do hope you reach out to us one day -via anonymous or real email address. With love, your recipients!]
  • Female born Jun 16 2009
  • Read message posted 11/12/10
  • Updated on 02/16/14
  • parent
Donor ID: 115
  • Started donating Mar 2003.
  • Stopped donating Oct 2003.
  • Italian, German, Polish.
  • Height: 5'8".
  • Weight: 2003- 130.
  • Blonde Straight hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • Business Major in College possibly NY area in 2003.
  • Possibly Marketing for non-profit.
  • Catholic.
  • Running, large breed dogs,college football, volunteering children's hospital, sorority.
  • Our Donor describes herself as compassionate, very punctual, and enthusiastic. Her dream was to get married in Hawaii and she lists her home state as Ohio.
  • Female born Aug 1 2004
  • Read message posted 02/24/20
  • Updated on 10/22/20
  • parent
Donor ID: 271
  • Started donating Sep 1 2021.
  • Stopped donating Oct 31 2021.
  • Child
  • Posted 12/14/22
  • Updated on 12/14/22
  • parent
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