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New Life Egg Donation Agency


This agency in London, UK, supplies other UK clinics. Our donor donated twice, at Create Fertility and CRGH. See below: The fertility clinics with whom New Life works At New Life, we only work with a limited number of reputable hospitals and clinics in the UK. This helps us to provide the very best care for both our egg donors and clients (egg recipients), and to ensure that everyone benefits from proper mutual understanding and cooperation. The clinics we work with achieved a clinical pregnancy rate of over 75% on treatments based exclusively on our donors. We work pursuant to a formal agreement with each clinic. This ensures that we are always compliant with all HFEA regulations and can guarantee the best level of service for all. The hospitals/clinics with whom we currently have an agreement are all leaders in the field of assisted conception. They are: Aria Fertility Clinic The Aria Fertility clinic is a new and independent fertility centre with a team of highly experienced leaders in the fertility industry. The clinic is purpose-designed and equipped to provide a complete range of treatment services in all aspects of infertility diagnosis. The clinic is passionate about supporting, nurturing and fulfilling the needs of all patients, each of whom is guided through their journey in an honest, sincere and ethical way. Visit Website: Boston Place Clinic The clinic is part of the Fertility Partnership. The team of highly experienced staff is happy to guide you and to help realise your hopes of pregnancy. The stylish state of the art private clinic is located conveniently next to Marylebone Station in the heart of London, and offers a full range of fertility treatments individually tailored to your specific needs for a plan as unique as you are. Visit Website: The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health The CRGH consistently delivers top success rates in IVF and other assisted reproductive treatments. The CRGH team are leaders in the field of assisted reproduction. CRGH has excellent facilities on Great Portland Street and prides itself in delivering clinical excellence, creating bespoke treatment plans and responding to individual patient needs. Visit Website: Create Fertility CREATE Fertility is one of the largest fertility clinic groups in the UK and offers fertility treatments across the UK. At all of Create Fertility’s IVF clinics, patients have access to the best expertise and experience in fertility testing and treatment. All of the doctors, nurses and embryologists are trained in Create’s techniques by its medical and scientific leaders. This ensures that Create always offers the highest standard of fertility treatments. Visit Website: The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy is an established Assisted Conception (IVF) unit in Central London that offers infertility treatments. The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy offers a state-of-the-art IVF laboratory and operating theatre, providing patients with highly advanced care in the safest and most comfortable of settings. It is also one of the few IVF clinics in the UK that offers reproductive immunology treatments. Visit Website: Guy’s and St Thomas’ ACU The Assisted Conception Unit at Guy's and St Thomas' has developed a reputation for excellence in infertility treatment and is one of the leading innovators in the field of fertility. Their expert team is backed up by the resources of one of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the country. The Assisted Conception Unit at Guy's and St Thomas' is also the largest and most successful clinic in the UK for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and is licensed to carry out stem cell research. Visit Website: IVF London IVF London is a specialist private fertility clinic with a dedicated and friendly team of experts, offering a wide range of investigations, treatments and services, with the aim of ensuring all patients receive a uniquely tailored and supportive approach throughout each stage of their IVF journey. Visit Website: Kings Fertility Kings Fertility is defined by decades of experience, world-renowned research, and the most innovative technology. Infertility has many possible causes and at King’s Fertility every person’s case is treated individually. The focus is entirely on the patient; on combining attentive, compassionate and holistic care with an outstanding, personalized programme of advanced medical treatment. King’s Fertility is the result of a partnership between the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) and King’s College Hospital. Visit Website: Wolfson Fertility Centre at Hammersmith Hospital The Wolfson Fertility Centre is the Assisted Conception (IVF) unit of Hammersmith NHS Hospital. Since the Centre opened it has been at the cutting edge of reproductive medicine and fertility treatments. The close association with Imperial College London and the Medical Research Council allows the Centre to offer pioneering treatments and technology. Visit Website: WFCA WFCA (West Fertility Clinical Associates) is a premier IVF programme giving patients direct access to experienced and highly skilled fertility experts. The doctors and clinics at WFCA have the reputation of many years' experience in the fertility field. All treatments are carried out by qualified doctors at HFEA licensed clinics. Visit Website:

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