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Donor ID: unknown
  • Born 1965.
  • Started donating Feb 22 1985.
  • Stopped donating Sep 1 1989.
  • 60% German, 34% Scotch and Irish, 6% Other European. Many lines traced back to the 1400's and one line going back to Chinese around 200 AD, including Atilla the Hun.
  • Height: 5'10".
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 165 lb (ideal - first 40yrs) (185 40-50)(210 50-today).
  • Blonde Straight hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • 2 Business Related Degrees.
  • Other.
  • Cycling, weight training, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, gardening.
  • Dr. Rixson ran the program and Elaine Wilson was the Head Nurse. None of the five fingers is the same. Donor open to contact. On 23&me and Ancestry. I made 8 donations in Toronto with a probable 1 child, but at most 2 children, with no donations at the Grace from Sept. 1986 to April 1987. My oldest child would have been born November 1985 (unless premature) and the last child would have been born December 1989 (if not late delivery). The Clinic tested my sperm on Sept. 1989 in keeping with updated testing standards resulting from Krever inquiry, six months after final permitted fresh sperm donations in Canada in March 1989 (thereafter all Atlantic Canadian DC sperm was sourced frozen from NYC or Denmark sperm banks).
    Sperm Donor
  • Read message posted 12/31/20
  • Updated on 01/23/23
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