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University of Wisconsin


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Donor ID: unknown
  • Born Dec 6 1961.
  • Started donating 1984.
  • Stopped donating 1988.
  • German/irish/english.
  • Height: 6'1".
  • Blood type B+
  • Weight: 178.
  • Dark brown Straight hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • Medium complexion.
  • Medical School.
  • MD.
  • Catholic.
  • Gardening, music, languages, sports.
  • While attending UW medical school, I donated sperm for about 3 years between late 1984 to early 1988.
    Sperm Donor
  • Child
  • Posted 04/21/03
  • Updated on 08/03/07
  • sperm_donor
Donor ID: unknown
  • . I have absolutely no information on my biological father. I do know that the Dr. Holly from Mt. Sinai in Milwaukee, WI is the one who conducted the artificial insemination. I am caucasian, 6'3, Green eyes, brown hair, 170 lbs, with a tan skin complexion. If anyone could help me with finding my biological father I would be forever in your debt.
  • I am a Male born Apr 13 1986
  • Read message posted 11/30/04
  • Updated on 10/02/06
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • White.
  • Medical Student at UW-Madison.
  • I am a Female born Jul 31 1983
  • Read message posted 12/28/06
  • Updated on 09/03/08
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • Ashkenazi Jewish.
  • Brown hair.
  • White. Student at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • I am a Female born 1985
  • Read message posted 08/02/07
  • Updated on 01/11/17
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • Started donating Dec 1962.
  • Stopped donating Jan 1963.
  • Blood type AB+
  • Light brown Straight hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • I am a Female born Sep 5 1963
  • Read message posted 02/08/08
  • Updated on 09/03/08
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • Born Jan 1970.
  • Started donating May 2007.
  • Stopped donating May 2007.
  • Height: 5'9".
  • Blood type B+
  • Brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Ph.D.
  • Educator.
  • I donated embryos.
  • Read message posted 03/08/08
  • Updated on 04/14/08
  • parent
Donor ID: unknown
  • My donor was a medical student at UW Madison during the early 1980's.
  • I am a Female born Mar 30 1982
  • Female born Mar 1982
  • Read message posted 07/14/08
  • Updated on 07/16/08
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • White.
  • Medical Student
  • I am a Female born Feb 7 1984
  • Read message posted 01/28/12
  • Updated on 08/11/19
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • Caucasian.
  • Height: 6'+.
  • Med School Student.
  • All I know of my donor is that he was a Med School student (intern?) at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He was fairly tall (probably 6'?), the nurses loved him, his name may have been "Bobby". He was blood type A+, A- AB+ or AB-. The insemination would've had to take place in early-to-mid 1987, so donation would've had to be before that.
  • I am a Female born Feb 6 1988
  • Posted 11/05/13
  • Updated on 11/06/13
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • White.
  • Height: 6'0 or taller.
  • Brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • Possibly in the medical field.
  • Donor was supposed to match the physical characteristics of my mother's husband at the time: White male, tall height of at least 6 feet, brown hair, blue or light color eyes. May have been a student at the University of Madison medical school.
  • I am a Female born Aug 15 1987
  • Read message posted 06/16/19
  • Updated on 06/16/19
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • I am a sperm donor conceived girl born June 27, 1984. The doctor who performed the insemination's name was Dr. Sander Shapiro. I don't know anything about the donor besides that he was meant to resemble my father, Caucasian, 5'10"ish, blond hair. The donor could have been a medical student.
  • I am a Female born Jun 27 1984
  • Read message posted 07/18/19
  • Updated on 07/18/19
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: 27
  • Born 1965.
  • Irish, English, and German .
  • Medical student at UW Madison .
  • Gynecologist.
  • The sperm was from the donor sperm program run by Dr. Sander Shapiro. Donor attended Medical School at the University of Wisconsin Madison from 1990 to 1994. I am currently 22 years old and am going to be a grad student at UW myself next year. If you are my donor or if you think you are please reach out, at this stage in my life I dont really need a father or anything along those lines from you, I'm mainly only looking for answers to questions that can help me figure out who I am and where Im supposed to go next.
  • I am a Male born Sep 15 1997
  • Read message posted 04/11/19
  • Updated on 06/14/20
  • donor_offspring Post Medical Update
Donor ID: 97
  • Started donating 1986.
  • Stopped donating 1992.
  • Caucasian.
  • Height: 6'2".
  • Blood type A-
  • Weight: 190.
  • Brown Straight hair.
  • Green eyes.
  • Medium complexion.
  • BA, MBA.
  • Information Technology Professional.
  • No religion.
  • High Performance Driving, Speaking French.
  • I was a sperm donor at the Women's Endocrine Service in the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin from 1986 to 1992, but many of my donations were frozen for possible later use. My donor number was 97. My blood type is A-. Causasian, 6'2", brown hair, green eyes. MBA in International Business.
    Sperm Donor
  • Posted 11/12/13
  • Updated on 05/08/19
  • sperm_donor Post Medical Update Has Photos Has Donor Survey
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