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Mt. Sinai Medical Center, WI


Dr. Roy Holly in earlier years. OB-GYN clinic of Mt. Sinai Hospital. In 1987, that hospital merged with Good Samaritan Hospital, and they became Sinai Samaritan Medical Center. Aurora Health Care now owns the facility, and it is called Aurora Sinai Medical Center.

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Donor ID: unknown
  • Caucasian.
  • I have absolutely no information on my biological father. I do know that the Dr. Holly from Mt. Sinai in Milwaukee, WI is the one who conducted the artificial insemination. I am caucasian, 6'3, Green eyes, brown hair, 170 lbs, with a tan skin complexion. If anyone could help me with finding my biological father I would be forever in your debt.
  • I am a Male born Apr 13 1986
  • Read message posted 11/29/04
  • Updated on 10/02/06
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • The donor is Caucasian. Brown eyes and hair were requested. He was a medical student who donated for Sinai Samaritan Medical Center-Mt. Sinai Campus. The donations were not from a frozen bank. Roy G. Holly, M.D. received them at the OB-GYN clinic. They were given to me on November 4 and 6, 1987.
  • Male born 1988
  • Read message posted 06/17/05
  • Updated on 01/02/20
  • parent
Donor ID: unknown
  • Started donating Mar 1984.
  • Caucasian.
  • Height: 6+++.
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: slim.
  • The sperm was given to the partner of Dr. Morry Sable to use for Dr. Sable's patient (me).
  • Male born Jan 1985
  • Read message posted 03/19/06
  • Updated on 09/03/08
  • parent
Donor ID: unknown
  • Started donating Mar 15 1982.
  • Stopped donating Mar 30 1982.
  • Female born Dec 1982
  • Read message posted 03/21/06
  • Updated on 09/03/08
  • parent
Donor ID: unknown
  • Looking for my biological father and any siblings. My mother was enseminated by Dr. Holly at Mt. Sinai around 3/81-4/81. I'm 5'9, heavier set, dark brown hair, brown eyes. My mother has passed away and this is all the information I have.
  • I am a Female born Jan 1982
  • Read message posted 03/27/07
  • Updated on 09/03/08
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • Started donating Oct 1988.
  • Stopped donating Mar 1989.
  • Caucasian.
  • Height: 6'4.
  • Brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • College grad.
  • Business owner.
  • Catholic.
  • Sports, outdooractivities.
  • Married w/ 10 children. Wife signed him up for program. Has hayfever. Described as "grizzly Adams" type. conceived thru Rocky Mt. Cryobank via Mt. sinai.
  • Female born Dec 18 1989
  • Read message posted 02/10/08
  • Updated on 02/10/08
  • parent
Donor ID: unknown
  • 2016 update: I found my donor two years ago through DNA testing! A modern medical miracle. I strongly encourage anyone serious about finding their donor to submit DNA to 23&me. Visit the site for additional help and resources--that's where I got started. My donor is incredible and has fulfilled my wildest dreams. Now the search continues for siblings!
  • I am a Female born Nov 21 1986
  • Read message posted 09/12/09
  • Updated on 08/15/21
  • donor_offspring Post Medical Update Has Photos
Donor ID: unknown
  • Started donating Feb 1984.
  • Stopped donating Apr 1984.
  • Child
  • Read message posted 04/04/10
  • Updated on 04/05/10
  • parent
Donor ID: unknown
  • Born May 7 1962.
  • Caucasian.
  • Height: 6'+.
  • Blonde hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • Med School Student.
  • Norwegian/Czech/English ancestry. Would have donated between 1987 and 1988. Blood type A or AB.
  • I am a Female born Feb 6 1988
  • Read message posted 11/05/13
  • Updated on 06/28/21
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • Height: 6'0-6'2".
  • Light brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Med Student Medical School of Milwaukee.
  • Music.
  • I was born in May 1980 (I am female), and I have a brother with the same donor born in April 1982. Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee. A med student donated, like it sounds all or most of the donors were there. My mom said she chose someone tall with blue eyes and possibly a musician. She said she thought he had brown hair, but I myself have dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Looking for siblings or the donor!
  • I am a Female born May 26 1980
  • Posted 01/10/14
  • Updated on 02/24/16
  • donor_offspring Post Medical Update
Donor ID: unknown
  • Born 1956.
  • White, German, Scandinavian.
  • Height: 5-8 to 5-10??.
  • Weight: moderate build.
  • OBGYN Doctor.
  • Mother received donation via Dr. Holly in Milwaukee, WI area. I don't know which facility or clinic. Could have been Mt. Sinai - that's the hospital where I was born. I know that there is at least one donor sibling out there, who showed up as a match on my Ancestry DNA list as well.
  • I am a Female born Aug 18 1986
  • Read message posted 10/03/17
  • Updated on 10/04/17
  • donor_offspring
Donor ID: unknown
  • Born May 4 1955.
  • Started donating May 1 1981.
  • Stopped donating Dec 31 1985.
  • Caucasian - Romainian.
  • Height: 6'4".
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 180.
  • Dark brown Wavy hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Medium complexion.
  • MD/PhD.
  • Physician.
  • Eastern orthodox.
  • Boy Scout leader, civil war documents, singing in choir, baseball fan, genealogy.
  • Donated prior to the use of donor numbers. Donated frequently (50 + donations) to Dr Roy Holly and occasionally Dr. Morry Sable. I was a favorite donor for some reason. DNA on
    Sperm Donor
  • Child
  • Posted 09/13/19
  • Updated on 09/13/19
  • sperm_donor Has Donor Survey
Donor ID: unknown
  • Caucasian.
  • I am a Child
  • Read message posted 09/29/20
  • Updated on 09/29/20
  • donor_offspring
  • I am a Male born Sep 11 1985
  • Read message posted 01/30/16
  • Updated on 11/07/17
  • donor_offspring Has Photos
  • Born Sep 4 1957.
  • Started donating Jan 1 1983.
  • Stopped donating Dec 31 1987.
  • German, Dainish, Dutch, Norwegian, English.
  • Height: 6'1".
  • Blood type O+
  • Weight: 155.
  • Light brown Wavy hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • Fair complexion.
  • Post Graduate.
  • Physician.
  • Protestant.
    Sperm Donor
  • Read message posted 12/29/05
  • Updated on 05/24/18
  • sperm_donor Has Donor Survey
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