Sperm Banking and Up to Date, Accurate, Accessible Files

By admin on May 17, 2012

How many of you have called your sperm bank for information on your donor or your offspring, and been told “sorry….the files are in the basement” or “sorry…our old paper files are a pain to access”?

There are several sperm banks who do not have immediate, computer access to their files on donors and offspring. California Cryobank, Idant are the first two that come to mind. Recipients, offspring and donors who call for information are frequently told, “the files are offsite” or “in the basement” and then told how impossible or inconvenient it would be to access them. Then, they are given incomplete information.

Ok sperm banks, it’s time to pull the files, hire a couple of summer interns, and have all your records up to date and complete, immediately accessible via computer, for the families calling in either looking for information, or calling to report information. This is the ethical, right, and responsible thing to do, as you are the guardians of important familial and medical information for thousands of families.

You should have all reported pregnancies and births, and all reported medical information at your fingertips….not in the basement, not offsite, and not inaccessible.