New & Important DSR Research Invite- $ Prizes!

By admin on May 15, 2014
Research Survey Invite
| Hi Everyone, Please help us, by taking around minutes of your time to participate in a new research project. This research will help us continue to educate the public and the reproductive medicine industry about us- the donors, the donor-conceived people, and the parents of donor-conceived children. Our prior research has been presented at conferences all over the world, and has produced more than 15 published articles in peer-reviewed scientific and academic journals- and we couldn’t have done it without your help. For those of you who have participated in prior DSR research studies, you know the drill. It’s quick and easy.  It’s really important for us to keep doing these every few years so that we can keep current, keep our eye on how families are evolving, and how our thoughts and feelings are changing over time. These new surveys are coordinated so that many of the same questions will be asked to parents, offspring, and donors, which will offer us new and insightful information. These surveys are designed to be anonymous, meaning that there will be no way to connect your responses with you.

PARENTS: OFFSPRING (13+): DONORS: Here is some info on the project: It’s a collaboration with Wellesley College and Middlebury College, called “Donor Gametes, Donor Siblings, and the Making of New Families.” It is designed to investigate attitudes towards the use of donor eggs, sperm, and embryos.  We’ll also be paying particular attention to the relationships among families who have used the same donors and made connections with each other. There will be three surveys: one for parents, one for offspring (13 and over) and one for donors. Our members have always been so generous with their time, and I am hoping that many of you will also partake in this research.  Since these surveys will be posted on several websites, it’s important that those of us who have been open and honest in our families, who have disclosed to our children, and have honored our children’s curiosities, have our voices heard. It’s also important that the donors and offspring who have been brave enough to search, and to redefine family when matches are found, are also heard, as we all can teach the public and the industry so much. We will again be offering offer the opportunity to win cash prizes.  Thank you SO much! Click the survey link here (or at the top of this page), where you can read more about our survey partners, ask specific questions about the surveys (e.g. privacy, cash prizes, and IRB approval information), and then take the surveys! Thanks SO much, Wendy