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By admin on September 08, 2007


A set of unique resources for parents of donor conceived children and the professionals who support them.

The materials were launched by Dame Suzi Leather, Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority on 25th May.

Speaking at the launch of the materials, Dame Suzi Leather, chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, said:
“The Donor Conception Network’s “Telling and Talking”,  series of materials give detailed information, advice and tips for the parents of donor conceived children on how to approach telling their child. We recognise the importance of this project, and believe that it will be a valuable aid to all parents of donor conceived children. There is a wealth of evidence about the benefits of openness within families and the positive psychological consequences for both parents and children. The decision to tell a child of its donor origins is clearly a major decision faced by parents. It is important that parents receive help and advice in making these decisions, and ongoing support once the decision to tell has been made. I am very pleased that donor Conception Network has produced these excellent materials to offer practical help to parents.

The booklets

Written by a parent of donor conceived young people and based on children’s developmental stages, the booklets provide parents with a source of emotional support and practical guidance in finding the right time and the right language to “tell” and continue conversations with their children over the years.

There are separate booklets for parents of children at different stages.
View the publicity leaflet for Telling & Talking (PDF)

Issues covered:
* Anxieties about “telling”
* Facing fears and overcoming them
* The best age to start “telling”
* Language to use for babies, little kids, bigger kids, teenagers and adults
* How children’s development affects what they understand and how they respond
* Talking with the school and family and friends
* Telling if a known donor has been used
* Telling following the ending of anonymity for donors

All these issues and many more are addressed in both the booklets and the DVD, which includes families who have used anonymous and known egg donation, anonymous sperm donation and double (egg and sperm) donation. Two single women, one lesbian couple and seven heterosexual couples are featured.

The four booklets are now available to download free from this web site.
Details and Downloads:

They are also available for a limited period in printed form from our PayPal publications page

You can also download an order form fill it in and send it to us

A film in DVD format is also available. Produced and directed by Liesel Evans, the 45 minute film shows parents and children in ten families answering questions about their experiences of and continuing to talk together as children grow and change.

Background Information on the How To Tell Project

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