Italian Media Article

By admin on October 23, 2013

Any one speak Italian out there?

From what I could gather from Google Translate, it’s a pretty good article, and great for a country like Italy who is still stuck in complete anonymity. Their reproductive medicine committee declares: “Committee has come to recommend anonymity, convinced that ” some relationship of those born with donors would result in an overall risk of relapse with different people ,” and that would lead to ‘ ‘ existential alteration of the family of origin ‘and’ traumatic impact on the balance of the donor psychological “rediscovered ” and its family dynamics . ”

I think their committee needs to look at the research that has already been published on donor offspring, donors, parents and these types of connections, and at the many stories of connecting on the Donor Sibling Registry. Particularly at the published research of 751 donor conceived people in which around three quarters recommend that parents do not use anonymous donors. Then….they should read our new book.  🙂