Interesting Donor Sibling Registry Data

By admin on July 19, 2013

We’ve been pulling some very interesting statistics from the DSR website. All numbers are approximate, as not everyone enters all information.

What is the average wait time from adding a posting to the DSR, to matching (with half-siblings and/or donors)on the DSR?  The average wait is 116 days.

69.4% of DSR posts yield matches.

78% of DSR users, who have matched, matched instantly. (The more users we have, the shorter the average wait time becomes).

What is the average age of all offspring currently listed in posts?  12.7 years old.

What is the average age of children when they are first posted? 7.5 years old.

What are the percentages for the number of children posted per family?  76.6% have one child posted, 19.5% have two children posted, 3.2% have three children posted, and .5% have four children posted and .2% have more than four children posted.

94.9% of DSR posts are families that used sperm donation, 4.3% of families used egg donation and .8% of families used embryo donation.