I’d like to hear from donor conceived

By admin on February 13, 2008

I will be attending the industry meeting to discuss a “national registry” next month, where not one donor conceived person is invited to speak. I therefore would like to assemble a hand out of quotes from you all, to give you a voice. Please email me privately with a paragraph or two summarizing your thoughts as a donor conceived person. This is an opportunity to address the industry that will be making decisions regarding the future of sperm donation.

Your experiences, thoughts and feelings- and how you would like to see the industry progress would be extremely valuable.

Sean Tipton, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s spokesperson, (who will be attending) has said this, “I don’t draw any conclusions from the Donor Sibling Registry. I don’t know if there is any counterpart organization for happy children of sperm donors”. Clearly there is a huge disconnect between the industry and the donor families. Let’s address it!