Reproductive Medicine During Covid-19

By admin on January 24, 2021

How Safe Is It To Have Sex After A Covid Vaccine? Experts Advise Caution

How Cautious will the US and Danish sperm banks be? 

"Though the clinical trials of Covaxin* are still ongoing and safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine are still under investigation, the drug regulator, Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has allowed the vaccine to be given to the general public.

However, medical experts have advised volunteers who have participated in Phase III clinical trials of Covaxin to use a condom before having sex for three months.
One of the recruitment criteria for male volunteers with reproductive potentials says, “Use of condoms to ensure effective contraception with the female partner and to refrain from sperm donation from first vaccination until at least 3 months after the last vaccination.”

Experts say that the vaccinators must caution beneficiaries who have reproductive potential to avoid direct sex with partners from 3-12 months after they are vaccinated.
Dr. Prakash Kothari, renowned sexologist, says, “We don’t know the teratogenic effects (abnormal fetal development) of a vaccine as it is too early to investigate that. However, if such a condition has been imposed on the volunteers of the clinical trial, it indicates that there could be a probability. To what extent we don’t know because we have rushed the vaccine without investigating it.”

Dr. Kothari says there have been instances in the past where new drugs have caused deformities in the new-borns and such drugs were withdrawn later on.  He adds, “So I suggest that all the population which is in productive age group must be advised and be cautioned to use contraceptive for one year.” 

*Covaxin is not one of the vaccines currently being offered in the US.

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