Film “Donor Unknown” premeirs on PBS this week

By admin on October 20, 2011

This film is about siblings and a donor who all met through the DSR. The siblings were first featured in a NY Times article we put together in 2005. The donor saw the article, called me about a year later (I think after a follow up NY Times article), and the connection was made.

Sometimes donor offspring can idealize their sperm donors, imagine them to be almost super-human. It’s really important to remember that these are just guys, just regular men. I wasn’t thrilled that this film team chose this particular donor to focus on, as in my experience is that he is not your “typical” donor. But, I do think they did a good job with the film.

I do wish that the film team would mention the DSR though, as these matches don’t happen “magically” in the internet, as the press would have you believe. We work very, very hard to keep these matches occurring and to support all those involved.

10/20/11 Colorado Public Radio Interview: