Fairfax Alert from DSR Member

By admin on December 07, 2007

Dear Wendy,

I’m not sure if there is a way to alert DSR members but Fairfax Cryobank has
a communication problem with its parents of ID Consent Donors. After the
birth of a child using this program, parents must register the child with
Fairfax using a form referenced in its Patient Consent Agreement in order
for the child to be eligible to contact the donor through the sperm bank in
the future. However, parents are not provided the form when the sperm is

Fairfax does not respond to email requests for registration assistance or
email registration attempts, and phone calls to Fairfax have misdirected
parents to the pregnancy reporting form on the website. I have just learned
today that the only way for parents to register their children is to call
Fairfax and request the “required registration form for the Future
Connections program” be mailed to them — they have to request the form by
name or they will be directed to the website to fill out the pregnancy
reporting form, which is not the same thing. But the parents would not
necessarily know this because nothing on the pregnancy reporting form
indicates that it is not the right form for the Future Connections program.
It does allow a live birth report.

This is going to be a nightmare in a couple of decades when many kids find
out that Fairfax ignored or misdirected parents’ registrations of their
children for this program. There will be litigation if they deny access on
this basis.

I have conveyed this to Fairfax customer service and will send a hard copy
of this email to Fairfax too.

Thanks for such a wonderful website.