Egg Donor Questionnaire

By admin on August 13, 2008

Hello Egg Donors,

We at the Donor Sibling Registry are doing a study of former egg donors. Some of you may have registered on the Donor Sibling Registry and some of you have not yet, or do not intend on making yourself available for contact from families that may have used your eggs. Either way, our goal is to get a better understanding of how egg donation affects women as time goes on, as we know of no medical studies or formal research on this topic. Based on the replies, we hope to write an article for a scientific journal. Your answers will be kept anonymous, as I will only share the collective data, and no one’s personal information. This information could be extremely valuable in pushing the medical community to further investigate how egg donation physically affects woman who donate. The questions should only take a few minutes to answer. Please email your responses to me. Wendy Kramer,

1. What was your age at time of donations? Your age now?
2. How many donations have you done?
3. Do you have children of your own previous to your donations?
4. Have you had children of your own after your donations?
5. How long after your donations did you have children, if any?
6. Any complications during or following any of your donations? i.e. infection, hyper-stimulation, etc.
7. If any complications, what type of care, treatment, follow-up was required?
8. Do you know if any of your donations resulted in pregnancy, birth, etc.?
9. Have you asked your fertility center if there were successful births?
10. Any medical changes to your health or a close family member of yours that should be updated to your recipient if you could?
11. Have you noticed any change in your menstrual cycle, ovulation, own fertility since your donations?
12. Have you ever been contacted by your fertility center for any type of medical updates?
13. Have you attempted to contact your fertility center to update them on any medical issues?
14. Would you contact the fertility center if there were any medical or genetic updates that your donor families should know about? (If the answer is no, will you explain why not?)
15. Has anyone attempted to follow up with you after your donations in relation to your donations themselves?
16. Would you be open to contact if it was requested? (of any level)
17. Do you have contact with any of your recipients? If so, what level of contact?
18. Do you feel that you were properly educated and counseled on the potential curiosities of the children to be born? (Many donor conceived people are curious as to their genetic heritage and wish to meet their donors).
19. Is there anything you wish you had been informed of prior to your donations to better prepare you in making your decision?
20. Did you have any infertility issues before donating? If yes, please describe.
21. Did you have any menstrual cycle problems before egg donation? If yes, please describe.
22. Had you considered IVF before becoming an egg donor?
23. If yes, did you try IVF?
24. Did you donate eggs as part of egg sharing?
25.  Did you have infertility problems after egg donating? If yes, please describe.

Thank you SO much!