DSR tv show now available online!

By admin on October 07, 2011


We have worked very hard to make this a thoughtful and thought provoking show. We hope that viewers will be able to consider the points of view of the offspring, the donors, the parents, the grandparents and the partners of the donors. We want people to consider this industry that is so unregulated that donors are out there with 75 or 150 kids. We also want people to understand why meeting a half sister might be important to a donor child.

As we all “redefine” family on the DSR, it’s important that those embarking on creating their family in this way, as well the industry, and the public consider and ponder the issues about how family is redefined through using donor conception.

This tv show has been an amazing opportunity for more exposure for the DSR, (a 501(c) 3 charity organization), and for the issues that we all deal with. I have seen how media stories allow so many people to know about the DSR, and to connect with another, this is just another step in educating the public and the infertility industry.

The stories, the emotions, and the people are all real. We have the opportunity here to watch and empathize with all participants as they maneuver through defining these new connections.