Donor Sibling Registry Turns 14 Today!

By admin on September 03, 2014

14 Years Ago Today!

Opening message on the DSR’s Yahoo Group:
Sep 3, 2000 7:32 AM

“I am the mother of an awesome 10 year old donor child. I know that
he has at least 3 donor siblings and would love to contact them. We
are looking for Donor #1058 from the California Cryobank. I hope
that this board will serve others looking for their children’s (or their
own) siblings.”

Late in 2003, after some big media including our first Oprah, we built the DSR website, and moved all posting off the Yahoo Group.  And now, that curious 10 year old is 24, has met 3 half-sisters, and his donor and donor-grandparents.