Donor Sibling Registry New Medical/Genetic Icon For Donor Offspring

By admin on November 13, 2007

Although many who connect on the Donor Sibling Registry already exchange medical, genetic and personal information with each other, we will now be adding a medical/genetic icon on which will give access to a specific page for each donor number listed on the DSR. Donor Families (donor offspring, parents and donors) for any donor number will then be able to list any and all genetic, medical or personal information that they would like to share. This information will only be viewable by others who have posted with that same donor number. When you sign in and go to your posting, you will see a little medical icon (next to your Edit Posting Button). Click this and you can read, add or edit any information that you would like to share with your donor families. We plan on having the medical icon up and running a day or so after Thanksgiving.