DNA BioBank for DSR Community?

By admin on November 08, 2010
We are currently looking at the feasibility of establishing a Donor Sibling Registry DNA biobank of individuals that were conceived using sperm (and egg)
 donation. (Possibly parents and donors as well). The biobank construction will be created together with scientists from Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
 Research (MIT) and will be used to study the genetics of a variety of traits and medical conditions in the DSR community.

The biobank will be completely anonymous and the DNA testing would be free of charge. The samples will be collected using cheek swabs, a non-invasive and painless methodology. In addition, each participant (or parent) would be asked to fill a 30-45min questionnaire to describe his or her medical history. One immediate benefit to the participants would be the acquisition of genetic information that can be used for genealogy research. We hope also to validate donor-child connections and also to establish new ones between different groups on the DSR. We might also be able to offer some compensation for the

We would like to know if you would be willing to participate in such a biobank and if you have any specific concerns or information that you would need before you might be willing to submit your (or your child’s) DNA. I have set up a 3 question survey (will take less than a minute) so that we can  hear why you would, or would not be interested. It would be great if you could  click on this link, and let us know your thoughts on DNA testing:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2KQX2PB
Thanks so much!