Connecting Donor Families – Calling All Airlines!

By admin on April 22, 2014

Madi, a donor conceived college student on the Donor Sibling Registry had a great idea for her school project.

This is what she wrote to me a few weeks ago: In our class we have been given the vague assignment of choosing a global problem (anything we want) and selecting a global brand (again, it can be any brand) and creating an idea to connect the two in order to help people. Being a DC person I immediately thought of the DSR and the struggle that donors and DC people go through in finding their families. My team and I thought that it would be an incredible idea to explore how an airline company could work to help the DSR and those who use it connect with their long-lost loved ones by getting people to donate miles or free flights to people traveling to see their biological family members. I reach out to you today because I would love to hear your thoughts on our idea and or anything you feel we should know about the DSR before beginning our brainstorming. I think the DSR is an incredible tool and as a DC person I am thankful it exists.

And here is the finished school project video that I received from her yesterday:

What a fabulous idea, and so well done! I wish I knew a marketing expert, or someone who worked for an airline who could help us bring an idea like this to fruition.