Choosing Sperm Banks, Donors and Posting on the DSR

By admin on July 06, 2008

We continue to have people come to the site to research clinics and specific sperm donors. A reminder: we have many user comments and stories for most of the sperm banks on our “Resources” page.  You will need to sign in with your username and password to be able to view the lists.

There is at least one website that “helps” people choose sperm banks and donors, although they do not include any information on how those sperm banks have dealt with past clients and no information or feedback from the families who have had to deal with the sperm banks post pregnancy. People are then choosing donors with no idea of how many families have already had children from the donor, and no idea of any medical issues that have occurred in the offspring or even the donor himself. Frustrating… as I see people come to the DSR all the time so surprised to see families already having children from their donor. I also see how important it can be to make contact with families to share and keep up to date with medical information.

I remind everyone to please post, as if you contact a match without posting, they oftentimes contact me to make sure of the legitimacy. If they can actually see the match, your match families will feel a lot more comfortable returning initial emails. I estimate (by how often I correspond with match families not posted) that the DSR has between 25-50% more matches than we actually show on the site. Remember, many do not post until they see a match…so if you are not posted you could have matches also out there also watching and waiting!