Cambridge University Research Open to Teens!

By admin on December 14, 2007

Hi DSR Parents of Teens (and any other Donor Conceived who would like to participate)!

The DSR, in collaboration with Cambridge University, has launched the second phase in a very important research project on the DSR website, and we are hoping that your teen (between the ages of 13-18) will participate. We are very interested in hearing from your teen, whether they have matched, or are still waiting. We are very excited about this research because it is a groundbreaking and pioneering investigation of what it means for people born of donor conception (as well as the donors themselves) to search for family members with whom they have had no previous contact. We have had almost 1000 members (over the age of 18) of the Donor Sibling Registry already take part in this study and are very excited to now be able to include the teenagers. We would like to find out about your teen’s thoughts and feelings about donor conception and their experiences of using the DSR website.

Your child will only be able to participate with parental consent. If you choose to allow your child to take part in the survey, please either provide your child with your user log-in or log in to the site for them. Teens can only take part if parents have given permission to access the survey. Teens will be required to tick a box stating that they have gained parental consent to take part in the survey. The survey will be available starting Tuesday December 18th.

The questionnaire can be completed anonymously and all responses will be confidential. Once logged into the site, you can access the link from the Cambridge Research Box. The survey will take a half hour or so. Make sure to give your teen enough time because if they can’t finish, they all have start from the beginning again when they do come back.

Please note: you can take the questionnaire whether you are a paying or non paying member. You’ll just need to sign in with your username and password. (Although it would be great if you could support the DSR!)

Thanks so much, it’s so important that you all participate. Again, for those over 18 who missed the survey the first time around, please have your voice heard.