California Cryobank, why won’t you tell sperm donors about the DSR?

By admin on September 19, 2011

From a DSR member:

“You were curious to know why there seems to be few takers when it comes to the sperm banks telling donors about the DSR, despite all your efforts. I can’t say I find her reasoning hugely compelling, but here’s what I was told by the CCB:

I was told that the CCB does not tell donors about the DSR because they don’t feel there is regulation or a way on the DSR for families to verify that the donor is in fact their actual donor. She stated to me that someone could come forward on the DSR saying he is donor # x and in fact, it could be anyone saying this. The CCB told me that we should always check with them first to ensure that we cross check the legitimacy of someone claiming to be our donor on the DSR.”

In 11 years, and through almost 33,000 people and more than 8,600 matches I have never heard of a case where anyone found out that a donor that they had connected with on the DSR turned out to be an imposter. And this doesn’t even make any sense as far as a reason for not telling the DONORS about the DSR. It is an excuse. And a lame one at that.

And….the CCB has continually promised me over the years that they do indeed hand out our brochures (they had me mail them a large batch). No one I know has ever seen them in any CCB office. So what’s the truth CCB? Who exactly are you protecting? Why did you commend the brochures (see below), but then never hand them out? And why are you now telling families that you won’t hand them out to donors because of fears of people posing as donors. Makes no sense to me.


I would like to inform you that the CCB marketing department has approve placing the DSR brochures, Guide to the World of Donor Conception in our front office for our clients. It is very well done and tasteful. I support the message in the brochure; I am asking Scott Brown to contact you for an initial supply and to be in charge maintaining the supply for our clients.

Charles Sims {CCB}”