California Cryobank uses “Donor Sibling Registry” name as their advertising slogan

By admin on August 22, 2008

California Cryobank has been using the copyrighted “Donor Sibling Registry” name in their Yahoo advertising. We have been notified by people who have seen this advertising on at least two Yahoo groups. Their advertising box simply says “Donor Sibling Registry”, and then “The Leading Semen Donor Bank” and when you click on it, you are taken to the California Cryobank website. An organization and website that we have no affiliation with.

Although we are flattered….it is extremely disappointing that they could not come up with their own advertising slogan and resorted to using our name, without permission, to attract clients to their sperm bank.

This is the best they could do? Shame on you California Cryobank. Try advertising using your own merits, not the Donor Sibling Registry’s.

Note: On August 29th we received an apology from CCB, noting that their advertisement was indeed “an infringement on a trademarked name”. They have now removed the Yahoo advertisements and promise to never again use the name “Donor Sibling Registry” in their advertisements.