California Cryobank Discourages Donors From Posting on the DSR

By admin on May 06, 2016
For those of you who used California Cryobank, and wonder why your donor hasn’t yet registered on the DSR, here’s a possible reason why: A former California Cryobank donor just emailed me about what CCB had just told him about the DSR. He said, “They were quite strong in their position that I should NOT register [on the DSR] because there are likely errors with people putting wrong donor ID, or even fakes ... so that if I register, CCB says there’s more than a slim chance I’d be reaching out or opening up to people not really offspring of mine.” If you used CCB or are a CCB offspring, I encourage you to let CCB know how you feel about them discouraging donors from posting and connecting on the DSR.

This from the sperm bank that has been known to delete urgent medical information from a donor's profile? They are the ones who have acted unethical and irresponsible. Not just my personal experience, but check out the user comments for CCB on our Which Sperm Bank page of the DSR.

We have been operating since 2000, long before CCB ever thought about having a registry. We spend many thousands of dollars each year to maintain and protect our website and our members’ privacy. We have successfully connected more than 13,200 people, and just this week hit 50,000 members. In all that time, and through all those members, we had one single donor impostor, a couple of years ago. I caught him within the first 24 hours. Certainly not worthy of negating our 16 years of hard work and thousands of successful connections!