Better understanding donor families:Polls

By admin on January 06, 2008

Please visit the DSR_Discussion Yahoo Group to participate in the following polls:

For those who had iui using donor sperm did the pregnancy result in a baby girl or boy?

As a parent or potential parent of a donor conceived person, do you plan to tell your child(ren) of the nature of their conception?

As a sperm or egg donor, how do you feel about potential contact with offspring who have resulted from your “donation”?

As a donor conceived person, how do you view the use of donor gametes?

For parents and offspring: If disclosure has already occurred, at what age did you tell your child/learn of your conception?

How did you hear about the Donor Sibling Registry?

What was the most important thing about choosing a donor?

For those who used I.U.I with donor sperm, how many tries did it take to achieve a pregnancy?