ASRM fights record keeping, tracking, and limiting numbers of offspring to one donor

By admin on March 31, 2012

The ASRM and SART continue to fight the ideas of donor registries, accurately tracking offspring births, and limiting the number of children born from any one donor.

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February 20 , 2012

by: ASRM Office of Public Affairs
Orginally published in ASRM Bulletin Volume 14, Number 13

ASRM/SART sent a letter of opposition to members of the New York House and
Senate health committees regarding problematic sperm donor legislation. AB
9039/SB 6272 would curtail the rights of patients who need a sperm donor to
build their families. The bills would limit to ten the number of offspring any
one donor can conceive and create a donor registry in the state. ASRM argued
there is no scientific evidence to support the cap at ten and referenced
existing professional guidelines while maintaining a single state based registry
would not only be ineffective, but also intrusive.

Sean Tipton of the ASRM is the contact person for this information.
Phone: 202-863-2494