By admin on February 13, 2021

California Cryobank On How Many Children They've Helped to Create:

Just in case you were tempted to believe California Cryobank when they tell you that they have accurate records on the number of kids they've helped to create, it sure looks like they've always been pulling numbers out of air.

CCB claims anywhere between 65k-750k estimated/registered births/families on their website, in press releases, and in media interviews between 2005-2020:

11/05: CNN:  Dr. Cappy Rothman is a pioneer in the field of donor sperm.(on camera): He founded California Cryobank in the mid-1970s, and estimated as many as three-quarters of a million babies have been born from his sperm bank alone, a daunting number considering there are now 150 sperm banks across the country.
3/06: 60 Minutes: The California Cryobank is one of the largest in the country, and has supplied the sperm to create as many as 200,000 babies.
7/06: According to Dr. Cappy Rothman, director of California Cryobank, one of the world’s largest sperm banks, single women and lesbian couples now make up half of his bank’s clientele, which ships about 2,500 vials of sperm each month. He estimates that his bank alone has been responsible for 75,000 children over the years.
12/07 The Atlantic: which helps about 10,000 women each year to conceive,.. [DSR Note: using this math, that would be up to ~300k already created, and their 2020 numbers would include ~130k additional kids]
1/20  This organization has collectively helped create nearly 100,000 families
1/20: AP: World's largest sperm bank 75,000 children born and Largest frozen donor egg bank in the US 5,000 children born
4/20: The Harvard Crimson “courtesy of California Cryobank” “California Cryobank, a sperm bank founded in 1977, has registered 75,000 births since its inception, making it one of the world’s largest reproduction agencies.” 

And now for something completely different. From Fairfax Cryobank:

11/15 and 10/18  Sperm banking fundamentals – Birth Statistics

The following background information on sperm banking was prepared by and agreed upon by the leading companies in the industry. Its purpose is to provide basic information about some of the key elements of a sperm bank’s operations and influence, and to further understanding by providing accurate and consistent information.

Birth Statistics: The popular press often cites the number of anonymous donor inseminated births per year at 30,000.

Although no industry-wide statistics are maintained, an unpublished survey conducted by the AATB suggests that a more accurate figure would be 4,000 to 5,000 donor inseminated births per year. This is calculated based on 1.5 vials per insemination, a 10% pregnancy rate per cycle, and a 20% spontaneous miscarriage rate.

By extrapolating this annual figure, the total number of anonymous donor inseminated births is estimated to be less than 130,000 over the last 30 years.

[DSR notes: Fairfax uses data from an AATB "unpublished survey" to extrapolate estimated numbers of donor offspring?  Which sperm banks contributed their grossly incomplete records to that survey?  The AATB, nor any agency requires or collects live birth data on sperm donor babies. [We noted the falsity of "30,000-60,000 donor children born each year" in 2015 and continue to contact major newspapers who still falsely use this number as fact.]