By admin on August 12, 2014
From a DSR member:
“We recently identified our donor via DNA testing and a geneticist. I sent him a message yesterday and he said he had called the bank (Fairfax), and asked to change his status to known and they would not do it. He said at the time of donation (20 yrs ago) they did not give him the option to be known but he told them he was ok with contact. My point is, they DENIED him and the families this option. He said he anxiously awaited the day he would be found. It angers me that the bank took it upon themselves to deny his request.Thankfully, now we have mutual contact. Thank you for all you do!”
And a response from another DSR Donor:
“I, too, donated more than 20 yrs ago at Fairfax. I’ve tried all methods of which I could think to get Fairfax to open my record to anyone seeking it. They denied me every time, and have continued to deny me. They wouldn’t even tell me my own donor number. Fortunately, one biological son found me on the DSR. Although he didn’t know my donor number, my biological daughter’s mom happened to notice that my son’s mother posted his donor’s number which was the same as her daughter’s donor’s number. Complicated, yes… but I now have ongoing contact and am building relationships with one son and one daughter who both, for varying reasons, are interested in relationship with me. I’ll always be thankful (as I hope they know) to Wendy and Ryan for all they and their DSR do.”