By admin on April 15, 2013

Overnight we passed the 10,000 people matched number! Amazing! When Ryan and I started the DSR in 2000, we thought that “success” would be if someday we could help one half-sibling match to happen. We just didn’t think it was likely, as we didn’t know if there were other curious people out there. We built it….and they came!

With not quite 40,000 people on the site, this means that more than a quarter of all DSR members are matched. Realistically, there are probably at least 20% more people matched than the 10,000, as not everyone adds a posting to the DSR. We strongly suggest adding your posting, as many people feel more comfortable responding when they can actually see your posting on the site. Also, it helps people know exactly how many other families might be out there.

To all those still waiting- hang in there. Ryan waited seven years on the site before a half-sister finally joined. Never give up hope!