By admin on June 12, 2011

We have had several occasions over the past few weeks where one person posts on
the DSR, and immediately, 2 or 3 more posts appear for that donor number. What
this tells us is that there are many folks out there, waiting to see a match
before they post. So you really never know if you do have matches out there
until you actually add your posting to the site.

Also, I just had an email from a mom today who received a message from a DSR
member about their children being half siblings. She said that although her and
her 10 year old son were thrilled at first, when they checked the site and saw
no match posted, they thought the message might be a hoax. Again, it’s really
important to add a posting to the DSR- as your matches will feel much more
assured and comfortable when they see that you have a posting on the site.