By admin on May 27, 2011

Nature Magazine. May 27, 2011.

Canadian court bans anonymous sperm and egg donation

This quote from the ASRM really caught my attention:

But the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), an advisory and
advocacy group for the American fertility industry, says it will strongly oppose
any move to ban anonymous donations. “We think that people ought to be able to
build their families the way they see fit,” says Sean Tipton, a spokesperson for
the ASRM. “And you don’t change the rules in the middle of the game.”

When will the ASRM begin to address the needs and the rights of those created
from gamete donation?
When will it address the rights of both the recipients and the gamete donors to
be adequately counseled and educated at the front door, so that they can make
fully educated decisions about open vs. anonymous donation?
When will it address the dire need for accurate record keeping and
sharing/updating of medical information for families created via gamete
donation?  How many groups of  50, 70 and more than a hundred half siblings will
be formed before there is some sort of oversight installed?

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