By admin on November 23, 2011

NPR interview with me and Sean Tipton of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Astounding, that in 2011 it is still easier for the ASRM to doubt, deny, negate and question what has been happening on the DSR for 11 years. I invite them to read through our website, read the research that we have published, read through the message board, look at the large numbers of sibling groups (er, or talk to sperm banks like Fairfax Cryobank or Xytex), and pay some attention to the more than 34,000 donors, parents and offspring on the DSR.

Some background:
Sean Tipton, the spokesperson for the ASRM (quoted in a 2007 Science Progress article): “I don’t draw any conclusions from the Donor Sibling Registry. I don’t know if there is any counterpart organization for happy children of sperm donors”.