By admin on June 26, 2008

As we prepare for a busy website in July due to the Oprah re-airing, I remind everyone to please check your email address on the DSR to make sure it’s current. I spend a lot of time helping people reach their matches who have not updated email addresses on the site. (This is why listing snail mail addresses is also so important).

Remember to check your spam folders, as I hear that some of these DSR member to member communications end up in people’s spam folders.

As always, my fingers are tightly crossed for those of you who have been waiting on the site for a long time. Every time we have a media bump, so many more of you get to connect.

On another note, more of an update, we have had a very busy June, surpassing last years numbers without any huge media. Last June we had Primetime and this year…who knows why we’re so busy. Maybe people are reading the recent magazine coverage (“O” Magazine, Cosmo, Der Spiegel and Newsweek) in their doctor’s offices? I have heard some amazing connection stories (lots of people meeting up this summer!) and also see that more and more people are using the “medical” pages to share important medical information with their matches. I see that more donors are coming to the site to share and update their medical information that families would never get to know otherwise.

Cambridge University and the DSR are presenting a talk at the ESHRE meeting (European version of ASRM) in Barcelona next week, that comes from the Cambridge Research we conducted on the site last year. We also have a paper waiting for publication approval at the journal “Human Reproduction”. More papers to come as well. Please check on the “Research” page of the DSR for updates. Thanks to all who participated!

Please remember to sign in with the same username and password you already have on the DSR- if you forget, please go look at your posting to see your username. People write all the time wondering why they can’t get a new username to sign on….only one username per person please. And if you forget your password, the site can automatically send it to you. All internal member to member DSR messages sent and received can be seen on the “Add to Registry” page.

Also, we have a “How Do I…” page if you need help.