I am 13 and just found out.

I am 13 years old and in 8th grade. My name is Lauren and I am also a twin. I found out about a month ago now that my dad wasn't my real biological dad. I was shocked at first but then the next day I was excited to tell my friends the news and curious about the donor and what he looked like. I know that my dad is my real dad and will always be, but I still wanted to do some research about the donor. That night I sat on the couch with my family and we all went through the packet about the donor. (heritage, looks, health..etc.)

By this website, I was able to get in contact with one of the siblings. They have already contacted the donor and apparently keep in touch. They gave us the information about the donor, a guy named Will, and I still keep in touch with that sibling. I found out I have three more siblings in which I am in touch with.

After one month of finding out the shocking news, we set up a date to meet two of the siblings for a day. It was really fun and cool to know that I have siblings out there that look like me. It was a blast and we all had a great time.

Now it has been two months and my family and I set up a date next week to meet my biological dad or as you may call him, the donor. I am really excited and can't wait to meet him. My real dad and my mom are coming along too, as well as my twin sister and one of my half siblings that I already met.

To conclude, this whole experience was great and added a whole new adventure to my life. If you are a parent reading this, and you haven't told your kids, I would strongly encourage you to tell them. I am 13 and just found out and I was really glad they told me, then not have told me. (: