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Cryobiology, Inc.


Donor number starts with CB, LX, or PC, depending on if the donor donated at Cryobiology (the CB numbers), or one of its satellite banks: LaCrosse (WI) Cryobank which opened in 2005 (the LX numbers), or Pittsburgh (PA) Cryobank which opened in 1996 (the PC numbers).

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Donor ID: CB 18-A
  • Aryan - Northern India (Jodhpur, Southwest of Delhi).
  • Biomedical engineering.
  • Hindu.
  • Solving crosswords, avid reader of fiction especially horror and humor, traveling, plays guitar and harmonica and likes to meet new people. He also plays racquetball. .
  • According to bio I received the donor is sensitive and romantic. Prone to flashy moods. Very impulsive and can be very warm and friendly at one time, cold and distant at another. He is a very keen observer and possess a great memory. He likes to make the best out of life. He has a fetish for cleanliness and cooking. And he is an extrovert. He wrote that his offspring would be very intelligent and be a sensitive human being.
  • Female born Jul 25 1994
  • Female born Sep 19 1998
  • Read message posted 06/07/16
  • Updated on 06/06/16
  • parent
  • Indian.
  • Studied Biomedical Engineering in Graduate School.
  • Female born 1995
  • Posted 05/23/03
  • Updated on 03/14/07
  • parent
There are a total of 3 offspring, 3 sibling matches, and 0 donor to offspring matches for this donor.