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NOTE: Information shown below has been voluntarily submitted by individuals interested in establishing mutually desired contact between half-siblings and/or donors (genetic relatives).

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Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM)


Hi to all our Colorado Center For Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) recipient families and donors who are posted on the Donor Sibling Registry, I noticed that 19 postings on the Donor Sibling Registry by families and donors who have used CCRM in Colorado have not posted with donor numbers. While connecting can still occur, posting with a donor number makes it a lot easier and more likely to happen. CCRM has assured me that they would have no problem giving recipient parents, donor-conceived people over 18, and donors their donor numbers. Recipient families and donors have a right to know their own donor numbers, as they have the choice to make mutual consent contact on the DSR- no matter what type of donor you used, and no matter what kind of paperwork you signed. This is great news for all of you who posted without knowing your donor number, and who wish to make mutual consent contact on the Donor Sibling Registry. So give them a call: (303) 586-3407, get your donor number, and then update your DSR posting. Good luck! ~Wendy

Donor ID & Info Offspring / Contact Info
Donor ID: 2193
  • Born 1985.
  • Started donating 2016.
  • English, Scandinavian, German, Danish, Slovakian.
  • Height: 5'8".
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 160.
  • Blonde Straight hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Medium complexion.
  • Bachelor's Degree & Post Bac.
  • Art & Tech Teacher.
  • Christian.
  • Boot-camp, cross fit, climbing, biking, hiking, gymnastics, building, juggling.
  • The donor draws, paints, sings, likes fine arts, theatre, programming and code, make-up artistry, shop-style tools, building, and has donated successfully before.
  • Male born 2017
  • Read message posted 07/07/17
  • Updated on 07/07/17
  • parent
There are a total of 1 offspring, 0 sibling matches, and 0 donor to offspring matches for this donor.

Fairfax Cryobank

Sperm Bank

These numbers are the same as those at GIVF (Genetics and IVF). Sperm donors should be listed here, egg donors at GIVF. Fairfax supplies sperm to Can Am Cryo (Canada). They link to CLI on their website (and CLI links to Fairfax on their website), but they have their own donor numbers. They bought out a bunch of smaller sperm banks, including CLI, in 2002, but some of those banks are still operating in separate buildings and kept their old name. The donors are still separate from Fairfax numbers, so they don't have to be crossposted to the Fairfax list (but may need to be posted to another list--see the specific facility to see if something is mentioned in the heading).

Donor ID & Info Offspring / Contact Info
Donor ID: 2193
  • Started donating Jan 23 2002.
  • Caucasion.
  • Height: 6'4".
  • Blood type A+
  • Weight: 150.
  • Brown Straight hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Medium complexion.
  • BA and Masters.
  • International politics and international relations.
  • Christian.
  • Swimming, biking, soccer, football, running, favorite car is a BMW M3.
  • He donated at Fairfax VA. He is Lutheran. His mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 55, and it is in remission. He updated his summary profile in October 2014. He is a Taurus. He donated between the ages of 23 and 28. He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish. He is right handed. He studied for one year in Italy. His ethnicity is German.
  • Male born Dec 30 2003
  • Female born Nov 22 2005
  • Read message posted 12/06/11
  • Updated on 02/22/17
  • parent
There are a total of 2 offspring, 0 sibling matches, and 0 donor to offspring matches for this donor.