Why it is very important for your children to know the DI/DE status

My DD has always known the truth about her DI conception. She recently found her half sister through this site. The half sister was as excited as my daughter- so no problems there.

The reason why I am saying it is important to know is because the older sister lives 3 blocks from my parents! The two sisters didn't grow up in the same town, but what happens if they did! What about if she had been a he, and they had children! My daughter spends every summer with her grandparents.

I always thought this was a remote chance of meeting your half sibling in this way, but 3 blocks away is a bit scary!

Too close for comfort in the dating pool. The doctor that we both used was 30 minutes away from our homes and there are several clinics that we could have chosen from. It's not as if there were only one doctor and one donor. Multiple choices and a small big city.

Please tell your children .. the chances that they might meet their half-sibling even without them knowing it is too high in my mind now that this has occurred!