Connecting an Extended Family.

Hi, I am the mum of a 2 year old girl Katie. For a year I lurked on the dsr website thinking I would join after my child was born. I kept checking to see if their were any listings for my donor no luck. Then I was talking to some friends who had also used donor sperm. The subject came up as to who had joined etc (none of us had and I thought what am I waiting for. I joined) About a week later, I was looking at my listing and and thought oops I posted her birthday wrong it is the 29th of June and the listing said the 9th, I had a closer look - wow it was another poster woo hoo! I sent a message, then a few weeks later we noticed another poster - we both sent messages and got replies. fast forward we are now in contact with 3 more families (We are now in contact with 3 half-sisters and 3 half brothers) there are 6 of us mums altogether so far. 2 of the half sibs got together in Australia as they found each other and don't live too far apart. We are almost all on facebook as well so we see each others pics as well! And I was so worried that my little Katie was going to be an only child. Without the DSR, we wouldn't have found each other but now my child will grow up knowing her half-sibs and we will try to make face to face contact whenever and however.